7 Easy Abs Exercises to Strengthen Your Core

7 Easy Abs Exercises to Strengthen Your Core

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It’s true! Getting a six-pack is possible but hardly enjoyable! But seriously, getting a rock hard core shouldn’t mean that you give up all carbs in the name of sexy! Cue the simpler, and so much more bearable, route to toning and strengthening your core –  abs exercises!

7 Easy Abs Exercises to Strengthen Your Core

#1. Dynamic (Duo) Plank

Abs Exercises to Strengthen Your Core

The Why: The Dynamic Plank workout targets the core area of your body. This abs exercise engages your abs more than the basic plank exercise and will benefit you more than any other plank exercise. Why? Because the sides of the abs (Internal Oblique and External Oblique) and the bottom layer of the oblique muscles get worked out in Dynamic Plank. It will give you the ability to tone and slim your waist, while flattening and defining the front of the abs.

The How: To do this ab exercise start with a push-up position. Comfortably settle into this position and lean your body weight on your forearms with bended elbows. Make sure to stay in a straight line. Contract your abs and rib cage inward towards your core. Extend your arms and press your body up into push-ups top position. Hold for two seconds and then go back down into your starting position. Repeat this exercise.

How Many: Drop and give me 3 sets of 10-12 repetitions.

#2. Down Dog Down to Plank

Abs Exercises to Strengthen Your Core

The Why: This abs exercise requires lots of strength because it involves using your entire body and you will surely feel the workout from your head to your toes. This abs exercise is considered to be the most beneficial for the body as it builds strong bones and fights slumpy posture syndrome. Want to strengthen your arms as well as your core? Then you can’t pass on this one!

The How: Take the push-up position first so that you can extend your arms and legs fully. Now compress your abdominal muscles and core. Exhale and then slowly start shifting your weight backwards by pushing your hips up and back portion to get an inverted V form. Loosely hold your head between your shoulders. Make sure that you are maintaining a flat spine. Hold this position for 1-2 seconds. Then move forward back into the plank position from the downward-facing dog. Again hold for 1-2 seconds and repeat.  

How Many: Drop and give me 10-12 repetitions of 3 sets.

#3. Simple Sussie Side Plank

Abs Exercises to Strengthen Your Core

The Why: Side Planks are considered one of the best abs exercise and why not! With this abs exercise, you’ll be able to work both sides of your body. This will help you to identify any weaknesses in your joints and muscle. So, you’ll be able to address them before they become chronic issues. What makes this a great abs exercise is that it works the weak muscle called the quadratus lumborum, which is part of your posterior abdominal wall. This muscle plays a prominent role in averting back pain.

The How: Lie down and then turn on your right side. Make sure your body and legs are straight. Place a hip circle across your thighs. With the help of your forearm, prop yourself up and form a diagonal line. Compress your rib cage and your abs and hold your body in this position for 60 seconds. After 60 seconds, repeat the process with the other side.

How Many: Drop and give me 10-12 repetitions of 3 sets.

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#4. Walk The Plank Jack

Abs Exercises to Strengthen Your Core

The Why: Plank Jack is a core abs exercise that improves your stability and strengthens the core.This abs exercise also boosts your cardio and strengthens the upper body.  With this exercise, you’re training all your muscles to work better. When you “jack” your feet in and out whilst holding a steady plank, you train all your ab muscles to work harder and your core muscles to stabilize you. Your body learns to draw in your transversus abdominus which is the key muscle for a flat belly.

The How: First you need to take the plank position. Align your hands directly under shoulders and tighten your abs. Make sure that your body is straight from head to toe. Relax and then bend your knees and jump feet up slightly about a foot to the right. Now, jump to get back to get the starting position. Repeat the process for the left side.

How Many: Drop and give me 10-12 repetitions of 3 sets.

#5. The Dark Horse Stance Dynamic

abs exercise

The Why: The Horse Stance Dynamic strengthens not only your core and abs muscles but it also benefits your body in many ways. With time, one perfects this exercise, which helps to improve posture, gives better balance, strengthens the transverse abdominus muscle, and give a stronger and more relaxed back. More importantly, this horse stand position will train you to align your spine, hips and legs and also help you get present with your current lower body mobility levels. It truly is the dark horse of all abs exercises for a reason.

The How: To do this take the kneeling position with your hands and knees, hip and shoulder width apart. Lift your arm and right leg up and while lifting the arm, breathe out. Maintain this parallel position to the floor. Now, breathe in and bring them in underneath your body in a controlled fluid movement. Round your spine up towards the ceiling. Follow each step imagining that you are creating a bellows effect in your stomach by breathing in and out. Repeat the entire process with the right arm and left leg.

How Many: Drop and give me 10-12 repetitions of 2-3 sets.

#6. Down Dog Knee Up

Abs Exercises to Strengthen Your Core

The Why: This abs exercise helps to stretch your neck, shoulder, calves, arches, and hands. The main target are worked in this exercise is the erector spinae muscle which is basically responsible for rotating your spine. But that’s not all it works! This abs exercise involves the gluteus maximus muscle of your buttocks when you raise your legs, the trapezius muscles and deltoids when you move your arms and your hamstrings and other gluteal muscles as well. With Down Dog Knee Up, one gets relieved from back pain and fatigue while strengthening all these core muscles. Need we say more?

The How: Taking the downward facing dog position is the first step of this abs exercise. Once in this position, raise your right leg to move into a down-dog split. Then bend your right knee and slowly pull it to your forehead. Tighten your abs while bringing the knee outside your right elbow after straightening the leg back. Repeat the process with the left elbow. Then switch legs and repeat the entire process.

How Many: Drop and give me 10-12 repetitions of 2-3 sets.

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#7. Mountain Climbers Cross Body

Abs Exercises to Strengthen Your Core

The Why: As the name suggests this abs exercise helps you develop more power in your core and in the lower body parts. The cross-body movements that this exercise demands actively engages your obliques and hip flexors and helps them become stronger. It’s an effective exercise to add to your workout session as it incorporates a circuit workout in between less-intense and strength training exercises. This abs exercise also improves upper body strength and stability in the chest, shoulders, and triceps.

The How: For the Mountain Climbers Cross Body exercise, get down into a pushup position and form a straight line from head to toe. Compress your core, pick the right foot up to bring the right knee towards the left shoulder. Quickly get back to the starting position and alternate to the next side. Continue the process with your left and right leg.

How Many: Drop and give me 10-12 repetitions of 2-3 sets.

I know you’re ready to go all out on those abs but please don’t do all seven abs exercises together – unless you tryna play the incredible hulk. To get started, pick one or two abs exercises and add them to your daily workout sessions. If you’re consistent, we guarantee you’ll see results. Tell which abs exercise is your favorite by sharing in the comments below!


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