7 Reasons Why You Should Always Wear Your Cycling Gloves

Many bikers overlook hand protection when they gear up for a serious ride. But that’s a mistake. A rugged pair of cycling gloves is every bit as important as padded biking shorts or a quality helmet. Sure, they may feel a little awkward to wear at first, but before long, you’ll find that you never want to climb onto that saddle without your gloves cradling your fingers.

Here are a few reasons why:


Nobody likes to think about the possibility of crashing, but accidents sneak up on even the most experienced cyclists. Should you take a spill, you want to be fully protected. Think about it: your natural instinct in a crash is to reach your hands out in front of you to help break the fall. Quality gloves help your palms and knuckles take the abuse more gracefully - so that the rest of your body doesn’t have to.


Experienced cyclists know that a firm grip is vital for good steering and braking. But sweaty palms or icy handlebars can compromise the quality of your grip in extreme temperatures. Cycling gloves feature textured palms that help absorb moisture and create consistent friction for a stronger, more confident grip. You can pedal hard, knowing that your hands won’t slip - regardless of whether you’re riding in sunshine, wind, or rain.




Have you ever heard of “handlebar palsy”? The proper term for this painful condition is “ulnar neuropathy,” and it occurs when the ulnar nerve - the largest unprotected nerve in your body - becomes chronically irritated by compression within the wrist. Typically, this compression occurs as a result of continual pressure exerted against the wrist when cyclists bear down on their handlebars. (This page provides a helpful illustration.)

Most riders experience it as a temporary numbness or tingling sensation in the fingers, but over time it can lead to serious nerve damage or even muscle paralysis. Riding over rough terrain and practicing poor gripping technique only make it worse. But wearing padded biking gloves is one way to help relieve wrist pressure so that your hands can properly grip the handlebars without undue nerve strain. Coupled with good hand technique, they can help stave off an ailment that prematurely sidelines too many cyclists.



It’s not just your ulnar nerve that experiences relief, though! Specialized cycling gloves feature padding that acts like a shock absorber for your entire hand, preventing road vibrations from being passed into your hands and wrists. Meanwhile, the textured palms let you comfortably grip the handlebars without fear of calluses or blisters. All of this makes for a more easygoing riding experience, allowing you to focus less on your upper body and more on your pedaling technique.



Biking is hard work, so you’re bound to sweat. Fortunately, well-designed cycling gloves feature a microfiber towel strip conveniently placed across the back of the thumb - handy for quickly wiping sweat from your brown during a hard stretch of pavement.


One of the more subtle ways that cycling gloves boost your safety on the road is by creating greater contrast between the rider and the road, thereby making him or her more visible to other motorists. They help draw attention to your hands when you’re signaling a turn or indicating that you’re slowing down. Some gloves even feature reflective material that improves visibility after dark.


Let’s admit it. Biking is a social sport, and you want to look the part. Wearing a quality pair of cycling gloves communicates that you take your ride seriously - because you’re up to the challenge. It never hurts to look good while you’re having a lot of fun!

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