Finding the Ultimate Yoga Bag For Your Yoga Practice

Yoga mats are the best! But, they are also so very difficult! They can be the most unwieldy thing you will ever encounter!!! Both heavy and lightweight yoga mats need to be strapped up well - else they’ll just unravel! And trust me, you don’t want to be caught with your water bottle and keys in one hand and a yoga mat that has a mind of its own.

A good yoga mat bag is a life saver. It will leave your hands free while you grab a cup of green tea. Simply sling your mat over your shoulder, and not worry about it unravelling again! Instead of opting for a rope strap that may easily break, it's better to invest in a mat bag.

This “How to choose a yoga mat bag” is a complete Buyer’s Guide and will help you to make the right choice.

#1. What’s your size?

As with shoes or flip-flops - you need to get the right sized yoga mat bag. Many new yogis, make the rookie mistake of going for the look over substance. The truth is that standard yoga mat bags that most sporting gear giants release are only good for thin PVC-type mats.

Serious yoga enthusiasts invest in a premium yoga mat. These yoga mats are usually thicker and wider and don’t fit well into your standard yoga mat bag. Your high quality yoga mat needs a yoga mat bag that is bigger and more durable.

#2. Made For Each Other - Your Yoga Bag and Mat

Yoginis prefer yoga mat carriers that are environmentally friendly and made of natural materials. This helps you to practise complete mind and body peace with Mother Nature.

Yoga Mats need to "breathe" or be aired out frequently as they are prone to bacterial growth. Your yoga mat bag should be made of breathable material that allows your mat to air out, even after a yoga session.

This will allow your mat to air out even when you just came from a yoga session. Usually, you won’t get time to put your mat out to air, because you’ll be rushing to the office or work. This is when a yoga mat bag with breathable material comes super useful.

#3. It's a Material(istic) World

Yoga mat holders come in different materials. A bag made from natural and breathable materials like cotton, nylon or linen will reduce bacterial growth. Canvas yoga bags are the best - as they are super durable and can easily be chucked into your washing machine when dirty.

Yoga enthusiasts - especially girls buy a bag just because it looks pretty. They think - That’s my favorite color! I have to get that!!! Some get blown away by the yogic or flowery patterns. But, you must choose your yoga mat bag more carefully. The cutest yoga bag can be useless - if it doesn’t protect your mat the way it should.

A good yoga mat bag should definitely look good when you carry it. But, it should also have great functionality and versatility. Not only should it hold your mat well, but it should also carry your water bottle, keys, wallet, towel and a change of clothes with ease. A good bag will almost double up as a gym bag - meaning you can use it for other activities when you like.

So, which kind of yoga bag are you going to get?

Yes, besides material - yoga bags come in many designs too. Tote yoga bags come in a long tube design which you can sling over your shoulder. These come in very handy especially if you have a long commute.

Some new variants of yoga bags now come with a hoodie feature. This allows you to cover and protect your yoga mat from dust while you’re travelling. Compartmentalized pockets that let you store and access your face towels, keys and wallets are very handy.

Always check look for these features when buying a yoga bag. Did you buy a yoga bag recently? What did you like about it? Share in comments below!

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