10 Explosive Shoulder Workouts for When You Hit the Gym

Are you paying enough attention to your shoulders? When was the last time you heard someone say “Damn, dem shoulders are HUGE”? Probably never. But that might be because you’ve been neglecting this very important part of your structure.Think of...
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10 body weight exercises for men

So many new fitness “gurus” have mushroomed, and with them the different “styles” of fitness. We completely understand if you feel like you just have to try out the “newest” and “coolest” exercises all the time. FOMO is real, man!...
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Try This Mini Circuit Routine to Kickstart Your Morning!

1. Floating Lunges (20 sec) Begin with your feet together and then step one foot forward, being careful to keep your weight in the heel of your front foot as you lower down into the lunge. Push through the heel...
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