Elite Glute Bands (Pink Edition)
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Elite Glute Bands (Pink Edition)

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High-Level Resistance: RIMSports’ resistance band is suitable for both men and women at any fitness level! These exercise bands present different degrees of resistance allowing you to work all muscles throughout your body. You can use these workout bands for your legs, ankles, hips, back, arms and shoulders, allowing you the perfect level of resistance! RIMSports resistance bands set will activate and strengthen your glutes, both during and post workout.

Quality Material: RIMSports glute resistance band can be used for any type of workout. Are you into weight training, yoga, pilates or even cross fit? Not only are these squat bands great for working out in the gym but you can use these sling shot resistance bands for at home physical therapy. The resistance loop bands will help with injury rehab. These resistance bands for legs and butt are made of comfortable and soft material that is not tight and will not come apart like so many other resista

Unique Stretch Technology: Our RIMSports resistance bands are the best leg bands for squats. Our sling shot hip band is very durable, as the bands are snap, stretch and sweat resistant. Unlike many other resistance loop bands or physical therapy rehab bands, they can be stretched repeatedly and will hold together without concern. RIMSports glute resistance bands are made from elastic material, which makes them pliable and easy bend. Our hip band slingshot workout gear is an amazing warm up t
Dynamic Workout: RIMSports exercise resistance loop bands are portable enough for you to get a great hip exercise. These glute bands will give you just the right resistance. This resistance bands set is great for traveling or simply for providing a great resistance band workout at home. This hip band circle will keep your knees straight while you do air squats or weighted squats, and help you keep perfect form. RIMSports hip band can be used in your dynamic warm up and our sling shot band

Improved Form: You’ll love how our RIMSports sling shot resistance band leverages the power of no-slip technology to help you quickly, easily and naturally perform squats, deadlifts with correct form and continue to get the most out of your workout. These hip bands will help you keep your knees pushed out over your toes while performing deadlifts or squats. By placing the fitness bands above your knees, it will provide proper resistance for your muscle groups as you walk forward or backward

Our RIMSports Resistance Hip Bands are used daily by both athletes and coaches at all levels to improve performance and mobility! Simply put the reactive mark bell hip circle around your knees and take it for a long-stride jaunt. Not only will your hips and glutes get warm, but your entire body will feel the workout. By wearing the hip band circle, help yourself by walking forward, backward, and side-to-side. It’s simple to use when you squat, perform a sumo deadlift, or simply walk the treadmill. While other hip circle resistance band claim to stop your skin from pulling, you’ll want to fact check that because to date, our RIMSports Hip Circle is the only one that delivers results plus uses no-slip technology. RIMSports offers a great discount too. Purchase multiple RIMSports products to save some money. Make sure to take a peek at the special offer below for quantity discounts on the vast selection of RIMSports products.

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