RIMSports Premium Weight Lifting Knee Wraps (Pair)
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RIMSports Premium Weight Lifting Knee Wraps (Pair)

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RIMSports Knee Wraps

SAFETY:RIMSports best weight lifting knee wraps when properly used, can improve knee safety during heavy

squatting, since these knee wraps for squats provide exceptional knee support.

STRENGTH: Our powerlifting knee wraps and more than just power wraps, using our knee

straps for squats can give you at least a 5-10 percent increase in how much you can lift.

PROTECTION:Unlike other occlusion training bands, our wrap with velcro weigh

the most because more fabric equals greater protection for your knee caps.

VERSITILITY: Our support wraps can serve as knee wraps for squats, knee wraps for weightlifting,

knee wraps for powerlifting, knee wraps for bodybuilding, knee wraps for cross training and others.

FUNCTIONALITY:These knee bands for squatting can stretch out to six feet in length, so the

more times you stretch our wrap around the knee, the greater protection you will have to

bend at your best.

How to use our RIMSports Knee Wraps?

Step 1:Sit with your leg stretched straight out and start winding the wrap below the knees,

working upward.

Step 2:Continue wrapping "in" and "out" counterclockwise on the left leg and then clockwise for

the right.

Step 3:Anchor the wrap by applying two layers below the knees, then move upward,

overlapping the previous layer.

Step 4:Apply the wrap tightly as you move past the knee, stopping somewhere on the lower

third of the thigh.

Step 5:Tuck the end of the wrap under the previous layer to secure it and repeat this process

for the other leg.

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