How To Develop The Correct Cycling Fitness - For Your Next Race
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How To Develop The Correct Cycling Fitness - For Your Next Race

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Cycling is an incredibly athletic sport-one that works nearly every muscle in the body. It takes tremendous fitness to pedal that extra mile, conquer that next hill, and brave that rugged off-road trail you've always wanted to explore.

Unfortunately, many cyclists mistakenly go about achieving their fitness goals the wrong way. Instead of developing a comprehensive training plan, they simply force themselves to ride faster, harder, and for longer periods of time. They haphazardly seek out more challenging routes, risking falls and injuries in a misguided effort to white-knuckle their way to the top.

A passionate commitment to regular exercise is critical to long-term biking success, of course. But the real key to athletic progress--whether on or off the bike--lies in a proper understanding of core physical training principles. In this ebook, we're going to discuss these foundational principles as they relate to cycling. Whether you're a casual hobbyist or a serious racer, the information we're about to cover can help you increase the return you're getting out of your daily cycling regimen.

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