• RIMSports is a NY-based brand and manufacturer of workout gear and general exercise equipment, including weightlifting gloves, knee sleeves, resistance bands, lifting grips, dip bars and other weightlifting accessories for personal gyms and professional athletes.
  • RIMSports was founded in 2014 by Colin and Angie, a husband and wife team who share a love for sports and fitness. RIMSports initially retailed their products on Amazon.com, but soon expanded into large-scale e-commerce and other online platforms.
  • RIMSports’ as a company had very humble beginnings. It started out in a small living room in Queens, New York. Angie and Colin had just got engaged and were looking to get into shape. Angie couldn’t find any pink gloves available that suit her outfit. Colin asked her to design one and promised he would get one just like it. Using his manufacturing background, Colin contacted many vendors and finally managed to present Angie with a pair of custom pink workout gloves that complimented her workout clothes. That’s when the couple decided to share their gloves with others and their love for sports and fitness.
  • Over the years, this small-family business has made the values of hard work, vision, and focus their guiding principles. They spend every waking moment creating higher quality and more durable products for customers that they would be confident to use and proud to wear themselves!