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Red Arm Blaster

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The RIMSports Arm Blaster for women and is very similar to the bicep blaster Arnold Schwarzenegger used in his body building days. This arm curl belt ensures that the arms remain tight against the body throughout the movement. This type of accessory is one of the trusted tools of the trade, a training belt bicep blaster, among competitive weightlifters, bodybuilders, and other strength athletes. Wouldn’t you love to isolate your biceps without swaying side to side? Then you’ll love how our Arm Blaster leverages the power of its performance-enhancing design to quickly, easily, and naturally prevent your arms from flaring when using heavy curl bar weights, thus concentrating all the power into the bicep muscles.

Our Arm Blaster is not a curl bar attachment but is uniquely designed like a curl machine bicep builder to encourage consistent, proper form when performing with your biceps curl bar. The metal portion of the device is curved at each end and sits up against the upper abdominal muscles. If an athlete’s arms are at his or her sides, the metal will slip between the body and the arm, curling around the back of the triceps. It becomes nearly impossible to flare the arms to the sides while wearing the device. Your upper arms will remain safely locked in the proper position, allowing for an arm blaster, heavy duty workout. If you’re looking to get in great work for your biceps and triceps, then this arm blaster body belt is a great piece of arm builder equipment.

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